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Directions: Rewrite the following sentences, using the < you > attitude.
1. We allow a 2 percent discount for cash payment.
2. We welcome you to P.B. co-operative store.
3. We are pleased to announce our new automatic cash withdrawal service.
4. It would be very convenient for me to make our appointment at 10:30 a.m.on March 20 at the head office.
5. To make the purchase and service of P.B. air-conditioners as easily as possible, we sell only through selected dealers.

Directions: Improve the following letter so that it is up-to-date, clear, concise and courteous by substituting a suitable word or words for those in parentheses. Write in Block Form and correct the answers.

Dear Mr. Ahingza :

( We beg to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of )1 your letter telling us about your ( difficulty )2 in making payments on your account. We ( are very disappointed that you send us this )3 explanation ( instead of making more of an )4 effort to bring your account up-to-date.May we compliment you on your plan to make a substantial payment within ( the period of next week )5. You ( must )6 send us your cheque for (at least)7 half the amount due by the end of this month (or we will not fill)8 your next order for tape-recorders.We value your cooperation. When our customers (fail)9 to work with us, we (cannot)9 give them kind of service that pleases them.(Hoping)10 to hear from you soon.Yours sincerely,

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