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74. Adverbs (2): adverbs of frequency


Look at how often Jane does things in a year:


            She has a cup of tea at breakfast.            365

            She goes to the cinema.                          10

            She walks to work.                                 0

            She goes to swimming.                           52

            She goes on holiday.                              2


We can say:

            She always has a cup of tea at breakfast.

            She sometimes goes to the cinema.

            She never walks to work.

            She goes swimming every week.

            She goes on holiday twice a year.

We use these adverbs to talk about how often

we do things:


always                        usually                        normally          often

sometimes      rarely              hardly ever     never


We put always, usually, etc. after be of an

auxiliary (e.g. have, must):

            He is always late.

            I’ve often been to Spain for my holidays.

            You must never swim after a big meal.


But we put always etc. before main verbs:

            I usually walk to work.

            She hardly ever drinks coffee.


We can compare the meaning of these adverbs like this:


0%       never               100%    always

5%       hardly ever     90%     usually

10%     rarely              80%     normally

30%     sometimes      70%     often


(We usually say the word often without

    pronouncing the letter t.)


If we want to say exactly how often we do things,

we use these expressions:


every ...           once a ...         twice/two times a ...

three times a ...                      four times a ...


We put these expressions at the end of sentences.

Here are some examples:

            I run round the park every day.

            I play tennis once a week.

            She drinks coffee three times a day.

            I go skiing once a year.

            He drives to London twice a month.

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